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Some recent snapshots from my work -- a prism in a pulse compressor scatters yellow light from an ultrafast laser pulse, a geometric diagram for a recent paper on multiplexed acousto-optic interactions, a sketch for a novel time-domain pulse shaper, and an immiscible mixture of solvents containing photosynthetic material extracted from R.sphaeroides bacteria.

I am a physicist and educator, with particular interest in undergraduate education and research. My research has concentrated on optical physics, fundamental light-matter interactions, ultrafast optics, coherent energy transport, and condensed matter and AMO physics. I have experience teaching senior level undergraduate courses, as well as a broad experience with introductory, survey courses. I am particularly interested in helping non-traditional students find career paths into academia or industry.

I have studied and worked in settings ranging from non-profit think tanks to national universities to refugee camps. I am looking for new opportunities in either research or education.

Contact information:

Dr. Thomas Jarvis

twjarvis at gmail dot com