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Some recent snapshots from my work -- spontaneous parametric superfluorescence observed while aligning a NOPA, adjusting the timing of the Pockel's cells in a regenerative amplifier, a density matrix calculation for the third-order optical nonlinearity probed in a collinear geometry, two beakers full of R.sphaeroides bacteria from which I extract and refine a substituted chlorophyll-based chromophores.

-Here's an essay I wrote about student anxiety with problem-solving, the nature of quantitative thought, Fermi problems, the fashionable hostility to knowing things (bad!), chalkboards, the liminal nature of inspiration, mathematical and scientific fluency, at least two poets (including Nobel laureate Josef Brodsky), hemo- and chlorophyllin, deuterium, and trying to remember directions when you're driving. It tries to do a lot of stuff, and I think it nearly succeeds.

- Here's an essay I wrote in 2013 about scientific and mathematical literacy and how they connect to journalism.

- As an educator, I have developed new pedagogical material for undergraduate classes to tailor physics education to students with an academic or professional interest in kinesiology, sports science, physical therapy, and medicine. I have educational experience at both a graduate and undergraduate level.

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